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# fpit201 Soyuz-15 flown photo of cosmonaut Lev Demin

6 x 4` b/w photo of airforce colonel and cosmonaut Lev Demin was taken with him on board Soyuz-15 spaceship in flight scheduled for 2 weeks on Salyut-3 space station.Failure in guidance system of Soyuz-15 forced commander Lev Demin and board engineer Gennadiy Sarafanov to call off their docking after 2 days of flight and to return to Earth. On return commander Demin cancelled on board Soyuz this photo with handstamp intended to be delivered on Salyut-3 station.On handstamp reads`Board Salyut-3, Space Mail, august 1974`. Lev Demin cancelled photo with this handstamp, even if it was not board of Salyut-3, but board of Soyuz-15. And signed on board this photo in black ink. Extremely unique item from archives of Demin family. After his death his name was given to Tambov city aviation college in 1999.Beside professional hobby-aviation and science Lev Demin was a big philatelic collector and photographing was also his hobby.That was one of reasons to take photos on baord Soyuz-15 in his flight in 1974
 # fpit201            Soyuz-15 flown photo of cosmonaut Lev Demin 1

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