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# fpit111 Soyuz TMA-1-ISS-TM-34 crew flown photo

Flown photo of Soyuz TMA-1 mission to ISS.Bass was replaced by Yuri Lonchakov, who flown second time to ISS (during the first space flight as a crewmember of `Endeavour` STS-100 in april, 2001 he already visited a ISS). These photographs flown on board space craft Soyuz TMA-1- first flight of new version Soyuz, wich cosmonauts delivered to replace Soyuz TM-34 emergency ship.On this ship they returned from International Space Station back to Earth. Photograph cancelled with two on board ISS handstamps, including special small round stamp of this mission (on stamp reads `Russia-Belgium, Soyuz TMA-1, Soyuz TM-34, MKS-ISS`).
 # fpit111            Soyuz TMA-1-ISS-TM-34 crew flown photo 1

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