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# fpit110 Soyuz TMA first planned crew (including Bas

Unique item wich requires extra description.Commander of Soyuz TMA-1 flight Sergei Zaletin carried on board TMA-1/ISS/TM-34 couple photographs depicted him in senter and two other planned cosmonauts of this team- Belgian cosmonaut Frank De Winne (on the right) and American pop singer, a member of the band N`Sync Lance Bass.He had been preparing for a mission as a space-tourist and a missed payment deadline caused his suspention from flight.The photograph autographed by first planned team, including Bass commander Sergei Zalyotin took on board.So, now `Bass flown in cosmos`.In any case, even if it is symbolic, this subject is very unique and Bass doesn`t have one, as all 3 pictures like this Sergei shared with myself. On board of International Space Station Sergei Zaletin cancelled photo with two on board handstamps.
 # fpit110            Soyuz TMA first planned crew (including Bas 1

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