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# fpit101 Soyuz TMA-ISS-Soyuz TM-34 flown photo of Vl

Carried to International Space Station by commander of Soyuz TMA-1/Soyuz TM-34 Sergei Zalyotin.Cancelled with two on board handstamps- ISS handstamp and small round personal on board handstamp of Soyuz TMA team.Signed and notared (dates of presence on ISS) by commander of flight Zalyotin.And it was prior signed by Vladimir Ilyushin himself. Serious students of Soviet aerospace know how unique this material is. Photograph of General of Aviation Vladimir Ilyushin signed by him.Ilyushin depicted next to Sukhoi `T-4` supersonic bomber, wich he first flown in 1972.In 1959 Vladimir Ilyushin set the world altitude record, when he reached 30000 meters in his SU-9 jet fighter.In 1960 he was awarded with star `Hero of Soviet Union` for his high altitude and high sped test flights on various Sukhoi aircraft.One of most popular and experiwenced test pilots in the world, with dozens of records to his credit Ilyushin was the Russian equivalent to Chuck Yeager.He was a born risk-taker and the best hot-shot pilot around. Ilyushin- a son of famous aircraft designer.Many researchers, including Paul Tsarinskiy, believe that Ilyushin, not Yuri Gagarin was a First man in space.Others are disagree, calling it speculations.In any case this is a real hero- legendary pilot, still active pilot in his old age 75, aircrafter designer and spokeperson for a world`s major military aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi Design Bureau.His autographed photo came from personal archives of General of Aviation and cosmonaut Vladimir Vasyutin- a close friend of Ilyushin.One of most difficult autograph to find. Original photo Sergei Zaletin carried on orbit by my request.
 # fpit101            Soyuz TMA-ISS-Soyuz TM-34 flown photo of Vl 1

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