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# fc103 Soyuz TM-8/TM-9/MIR flown cover delivered to

Original cover flown with Soyuz TM-8 cosmonauts Viktorenko and Serebrov from space station MIR.To station cover arrived on 13 february 1990 with new expedition Siyuz TM-9 cosmonauts Solovyov and Balandin.First day of docking with station Balandin and Solovyov signed the cover and cancelled with 3 on board MIR handstamps.A week later 19 february cover was taken by Soyuz TM-8 cosmonauts returning back to Earth. By balandin`s request cover should be given to cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko. Cosmonaut Viktorenko wrote by hand in the area `receiver`- `Delivered to Earth on space ship Soyuz TM-8 to Yuri Romanenko, house-2, apartment 10, Star City, Moscow region`. There are also two more handstamps on this cover: blue ink handstamp `Post office of Pilot-Cosmonauts` and red pentagonal handstamp of rescue team MI-6 helicopter, wich arrived in the area of Soyuz TM-8 capsule landing. No letter sent inside this envelope from Balandin to Romanenko via TM-8 Viktorenko.Only envelope.
 # fc103            Soyuz TM-8/TM-9/MIR flown cover delivered to 1

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