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# fc250 679 days flown on MIR cover with cosmonaut Po

12 april-Cosmonautics Day cover was taken on board station MIR by doctor-cosmonaut Valeriy Polyakov.Cover flown with him 240 days 22 hours 34 minutes in his first flight Soyuz TM-7/TM-6 in 1988-1989 and he cancelled cover on 12 april-Cosmonautics Day (National holiday since Gagarin`s flight 12 april 1961) 1989. Same cover Valeriy Polyakov took with him on board MIR station in his second flight Soyuz TM-18, wich was world record duration longest ever mission 437 days, 17 hours and 58 minutes. On april 12,1994 Valeriy Polyakov placed on board handstamp as well. This cover cancelled with total 4 onboard MIR handstamps, signed by Polyakov`s partner Yuri Usachov and hand notared by Polyakov `Board of station MIR, 12.04.94` (signed). This is one of most interesting flown covers I have from personal flight archives of cosmonaut Valeriy Polyakov.
 # fc250            679 days flown on MIR cover with cosmonaut Po 1

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