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# fc184 Soyuz T-6/Salyut-7 flown cover

USSR-France cover flown on board Salyut-7/Soyuz T-6 with Soviet-French joint team.Cancelled with Soviet handstamp dated 26 june 1982 and blue French on board Salyut handstamp.Autographed by all cosmonauts of this flight Dzhanibekov (commander), Ivanchenkov (board engineer) and French test pilot Jean-Loup Chretien, who became the first Westener to go into space aboard Soviet vehicle. Team spent a week with Berezovoy and Lebedev on Salyut-7 beginning june 25 till july 2, 1982.
 # fc184            Soyuz T-6/Salyut-7 flown cover 1

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