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# fc230 Soyuz TM-15/TM-16 flown covers

Covers flown with Soyuz TM-15 and TM-16 teams on board MIR station. First cover prior flightswas cancelled at Baikonur with two handstamps commemorating 35 years of First Sputnik launch.Three on board MIR station handstamps, including one with a date, were placed on cover in day of arrival Soyuz TM-16 team MIR-13 expedition cosmonauts Manakov and Poleschuk 26.01.93.Same day arrived cosmonauts and cosmonauts Soyuz TM-15 (MIR-12 expedition) Solovyov and Avdeyev all signed this cover.Cover remained on board with MIR-13 cosmonauts for next 179 days of flight. Second cover also interesting piece.It was cancelled with 3 on board MIR handstamps 24.05.93 in day of arriving and docking Progress M-18, when both teams were on board MIR.Cosmonauts Manakov and Avdeyev signed this cover as well. In addition commander Soyuz TM-16 Manakov signed and notared covers `Board of station MIR`.
 # fc230            Soyuz TM-15/TM-16 flown covers 1
 # fc230            Soyuz TM-15/TM-16 flown covers 2

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