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# fc195 Soyuz T-12/T-10/Salyut-7 flown cover

Covers flown with Soyuz T-12 team Dhanibekov, Savitskaya, Volk and main Salyut-7 team Kizim, Solovyov, Atkov.Signed by all cosmonauts and cancelled with pentagonal on board Salyut-7 handstamp. Dzhanibekov, Savitskaya and Volk rendezvoused with Salyut-7 and main station crew on july 13, 1984.Svetlana Savitskaya (the second Soviet woman-cosmonaut) became the first woman to make a spacewalk, when on july 25 she and Dzhanibekov spent 3.5 hours outside Salyut-7 testing space welding equipment.This was unusualy long resupply mission (12 days instead of 8).Main team cosmonauts Soyuz T-10 served same time on board station their 236 days duration flight. One of members of this flight- famous Soviet test pilot Igor Volk was also Buran test pilot.
 # fc195            Soyuz T-12/T-10/Salyut-7 flown cover 1
 # fc195            Soyuz T-12/T-10/Salyut-7 flown cover 2

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