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# fc193 Soyuz T-10/T-11/Salyut-7 flown covers

Yuri Gagarin and Cosmonautics Day commemorative covers flown on board Salyut-7 station with main expedition crew Kizim, Solovyov, Atkov and visiting USSR-India team Soyuz T-11 Strekalov, Malyshev, Sharma.Covers signed by all six cosmonauts of these teams and cancelled with 2 Soviet and Indian on board Salyut-7 station handstamps.After flight covers were presented to cosmonaut Lazarev (notared on reverse). Soyuz T-10 team set a new space endurance record 236 days aboard Salyut-7.Medical studies supervised by cardiologist Oleg Akov. Kizim and Solovyov made 6 EVA`s during this flight.Crew was visited by 5 Progress tankers, logged more than 3400 orbits and traveled almost 100 million miles. Visiting them Intercosmos team USSR-India spent on board a week and returned in the Soyuz T-10 craft.
 # fc193            Soyuz T-10/T-11/Salyut-7 flown covers 1
 # fc193            Soyuz T-10/T-11/Salyut-7 flown covers 2

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