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# fc155 Soyuz-32/34//Salyut-6 flown covers

Covers flown with third Salyut-6 resident crew Vladimir Lyakhov and Valeriy Ryumin.Soyuz-32 team set another endurance record of almost 6 months (175 days) in space.Covers signed by both cosmonauts and cancelled with on board handstamp for their flight `Board of orbit complex Soyuz-Salyut-Progress/3 main expedition`.After flight covers were presented to cosmonaut Lazarev (notared on reverse side). Work of Lyakhov and Ryumin included astronomical observations with KT-10 radio-telescope, and they aslo performed unscheduled EVA.Cosmonauts didn`t have visitors during their mission.Returned to Earth aboard the unmanned Soyuz-34
 # fc155            Soyuz-32/34//Salyut-6 flown covers 1
 # fc155            Soyuz-32/34//Salyut-6 flown covers 2

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