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# fc138 Soyuz-24/Salyut-5 flown cover

XXV Congress of Communist Party of Soviet Union cover was taken on board Soyuz-24/Salyut-5 by commander of flight Viktor Gorbatko.Both Gorbatko and Yuri Glazkov signed cover on board station and cancelled with round handstamp `Space Mail/Board Salyut-5 february 1977`. Cosmonauts were back ups for Soyuz-23.Docked with Salyut-5 on february 8, 1977 for a relatively short mission to complete experiments begun by Soyuz-21 team and to transfer military photographs to the Salyut-Almaz re-entry module.
 # fc138            Soyuz-24/Salyut-5 flown cover 1

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