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# fc132 Soyuz-18/Salyut-4 flown cover

USSR Cosmonaut Mail cover flown with commander of Soyuz-18 on board of Salyut-4 space station for 61 days in 1975. Commander Pyotr Klimuk signed cover and hand notared `Board `Salyut-4`.P.Klimuk 10.07.75` Klimuk and his partner Vitaliy Sevastyanov, back ups for Lazarev and Makarov flight Soyuz-18-1, docked with Salyut-4 station on may 26/1975 and returned back to Earth july 26/1975 after 61 days performing scientific experiments and making Earth observation. This team was on orbit during Apollo-Soyuz-19 joint flight july same year. Available only one cover from Pyotr Klimuk.Please check availability prior ordering.
 # fc132            Soyuz-18/Salyut-4 flown cover 1

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