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# fc035a Progress M-1-10/ISS/Soyuz TMA-2 flown letter

Letter from doctor Alexander Vasin sent to a friend-cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko on board ISS during expedition-7. Letter delivered by first Progress cargo ship.Progress M-1-10 #259 launched from Baikonur on 8 June carrying supplies and water, plus some correspondance sent to ISS-7 commander malenchenko and his partner astronaut Lu.Progress docked with station on June 11, 2003. On board of station Yuri cancelled letter with Three ISS handstamps, including dated 11 June stamp, Main stamp of ISS Russian section and Expedition-7 handstamp. Cover from letter Yuri also cancelled with two handstamps and signed.
 # fc035a            Progress M-1-10/ISS/Soyuz TMA-2 flown letter 1

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