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# fc229g Progress M-15/MIR-12/Soyuz TM-14

Cover with USA stamps commemorating USSR/Russia-USA space cooperation was cancelled at Washington DC post office on August 26, 1992 and same day was carried to Russia to be placed on board of Progress M-15 cargo transport ship launched to MIR station with Expedition-12 cosmonauts Solovyov and Avdeyev aboard, who started their mission June 27, 1992. After Progress M-15 docked to module Kvant of MIR-Soyuz TM-15 complex cosmonauts started unloading of cargo from arrived craft and same day October 29, 1992 cancelled original arrived cover with 3 red ink onboard mIR handstamps. Cover signed by both Anatoliy Solovyov and Sergei Avdeyev. Flown back to Earth with crew January 24, 1993. Extremely rare piece from personal archives of cosmonaut Anatoliy Solovyov.
 # fc229g            Progress M-15/MIR-12/Soyuz TM-14 1

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