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# fc170e Soyuz T-4/Salyut-6 Space Mail flown cover

USSR Cosmonaut Mail cover was limited printed for Soyuz T-4/Salyut-6 crew Kovalyonok-Savinykh(both pictured on this cover) to be taken on board. Cover signed by Vladimir Kovalyonok and Viktor Savinykh.And cancelled with 5 handstamps, including the following: penatgonal stamp Board Salyut-6, Space Mail Soyuz-Salyut-6 stamp dated 26 March, 1981, same day dated large round Mongolian on board stamp of visiting team Soyuz -39, Main expedition-5 onboard stamp and also special stamp 10 Years of flight of first manned space station Salyut. This interesting stamp with date 19.04.1981 was atken by cosmonauts aboard Soyuz T-4/Salyut-6 to cancel some of their covers in day of Commemoration of first space station.
 # fc170e            Soyuz T-4/Salyut-6 Space Mail flown cover 1

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