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# fc305 Soyuz TM-21/MIR-18/STS-71

Space Mail cover of cosmonauts of Russia and USA, Board of Orbital Complex MIR/Soyuz TM-21, Expedition-18. Carried on board Soyuz TM-21 by commander of MIR-18 flight Vladimir Dezhurov and returned back to Earth from MIR on board of STS-71 Atlantis.Flown on orbit 115 days. Vladimir Dezhurov cancelled cover on board of station with 3 MIR handstamps, included dated 28 May, 1995 and autographed cover as well.Second signature placed on MIR by next MIR-19 expedition cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin, who arrived on board STS-71. Few of such covers were exclusively made to be carried on board only.This item came from personal flight archives of cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov. The docking of Atlantis to MIR was the first Shuttle-MIR docking.Norm Thagard, carried by Dezhurov on board Soyuz TM-21 to MIR became first American to be launched in a Russian craft.After the Soyuz TM-21 was used to ferry the Expedition-18 crew into space, this expedition cosmonauts returned to Earth aboard STS-71, which had itself delivered MIR-19 expedition cosmonauts Budarin and Solovyov.
 # fc305            Soyuz TM-21/MIR-18/STS-71 1

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