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# fc230a Soyuz TM-16/MIR-13 cover with rare handstamp

30 years of First Manned Flight of Y.Gagarin cover carried on board Soyuz TM-16 to space station MIR in 1993.Flown 169 days on board. Signed by commander of flight Gennadiy Manakov and flight engineer Alexander Poleschuk.Cancelled with Five onboard handstamps, from which three stamps were already located on MIR and two round stamps brought on board by Manakov and Poleschuk. So far, MIR-13 cosmonauts Manakov and Poleschuk didn`t share a single cover flown in their flight and cancelled with these two special stamps.All 15 covers cancelled with these two round stamps Gennadiy Manakov kept in personal archives till now and during our last month meeting was agree to share. Smaller round stamp depicts launching Soyuz rocket with Russian flag below, names of cosmonauts and date of launch 24.01.93.Next to Manakov name an emblem of Cosmonaut Training Center and next to Poleschuk`s name emblem of Energia corporation. Larger round stamp depicts arriving to MIR station Soyuz TM-16 craft and below Manakov`s name indicated his CALL SIGN `VULKAN` (Volcano). There are also two Mig-29 fighter jets pictured (Russian Air Forces Test Pilot Gennadiy Manakov flown and tested 42 types of military planes, including MIG`s). Basic details on Soyuz TM-16/MIR-13 flight, in which this cover flown: Manned two crew. Mir Expedition EO-13. Transported to the Mir manned orbital station a crew of the thirteenth main expedition comprising the cosmonauts G M Manakov and A F Poleschuk.The Soyuz carried the APAS androgynous docking system instead of the usual probe system. Soyuz TM-16 landed at 06:42 GMT on July 22. Second and third images next to cover depict photos from latest meetings with Manakov
 # fc230a            Soyuz TM-16/MIR-13 cover with rare handstamp 1
 # fc230a            Soyuz TM-16/MIR-13 cover with rare handstamp 2
 # fc230a            Soyuz TM-16/MIR-13 cover with rare handstamp 3

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