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# h055 Soyuz-23 commander V.Zudov Sokol gloves

Soyuz-23 commander Vyacheslav Zudov Sokol spare flown gloves with his initials `ZVD`-Zudov Vyacheslav Dmitriyevich autographed by him and notared in green marker `Soyuz`.Marked number of gloves 1090346.Available only left gove.
Flown during 2 days mission october 1976.Flight scheduled for 2 months aboard Salyut-5 station, but Soyuz guidance problems cancelled the docking and Zudov with Rozhdestvenskiy made first Soviet `splashdown` on their return.Gloves are dry, not wet!
Details on this dramatic mission:14 October 1976 - Soyuz 23 launched. The Soyuz 23 ferry spacecraft suffered a docking system failure. Sensors indicated an incorrect lateral velocity, causing unnecessary firing of the thrusters during rendezvous. The automatic system was turned off, but no fuel remained for a manual docking by the crew. 16 October 1976 - Landing of Soyuz 23 : The capsule landed at 17:46 GMT in Lake Tengiz in -20 deg C conditions in a snowstorm. The wet parachute filled and dragged the capsule below the surface, cooling the capsule. Heating systems had to be turned off in the capsule to conserve battery power. Amphibious vehicles attempted to recover the spacecraft but could not reach it. Finally swimmers managed to attach a cable to a helicopter. The capsule was dragged for kilometres across the icy sea. Only in the morning was the crew able to emerge from the capsule. The recovery crews were surprised they were still alive.

 # h055           Soyuz-23 commander V.Zudov Sokol gloves 1
 # h055           Soyuz-23 commander V.Zudov Sokol gloves 2

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