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# h054 Soyuz-12 commander V.Lazarev Sokol glove

Right Sokol glove of commander Soyuz-12 flight Vasiliy Lazarev with his initials `LVG` (Lazarev Vasiliy Grigoryevich) and signed-notared `Glove of Lazarev` by his partner- board engineer Oleg Makarov.Cosmonaut Vasiliy Lazarev died in 1990 and this glove along with other materials from his flight (including his flown sleeping bag, flown covers and photos) I was able to get from his son Airforce pilot Alexander Lazarev.And Oleg Makarov signed/notared these items as confirmation of beeing flown in their flight. Following Soyuz-11 accident, the Soyuz space craft was redesigned.Lazarev and Makarov tested its new system on a two-day mission, becoming the first cosmonauts since 1965 to wear space suits in flight 9/27-9/29/ 1973. As you realize this is not just a flown glove from average routine flight, but special piece.
 # h054           Soyuz-12 commander V.Lazarev Sokol glove 1
 # h054           Soyuz-12 commander V.Lazarev Sokol glove 2

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