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# h126 Automatic-gripping wrench from MIR

Heavy used on MIR unusual wrench- an excellent design for a tool for use in tight spaces, where an adjustable handle is needed to position it at the correct angle, & where there is not enough room for the user to reach in to manually close or open the jaws around the object being gripped. This design is very simple.When the cosmonaut pushes the inside base of the two open jaws against an object, the jaws move backward slightly alongside the pin in the cone -shaped hole behind the center of the jaws. As the two jaws move backward against this stationary pin, they are forced to close due to the angle between them at the base of each jaw; & as the jaws close, they automatically grip the object.To beeing object gripped cosmonaut should continue to push against the object in order for the jaws to remain closed; the harder he pushes against the object, the tighter it is gripped. And if the user pulls back slightly away from the object, the jaws move forward & automatically open & release the object. Of course there is no doublicate for this item.So, please check availability prior ordering.
 # h126            Automatic-gripping wrench from MIR 1
 # h126            Automatic-gripping wrench from MIR 2

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