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# h122 On board MIR Crimper-Pliers

Used by several MIR expeditions cosmonauts compound pliers sized to crimp some specific type of item aboard station, such as a sheath over a wire cable bungle. This crimper-pliers head can be attached to the legs, wich can be easily removed & turned 90 degrees to allow to pliers to reach into tight spaces. 10.5` long legs give to cosmonaut a good mechanical advantage during work, allow use by a gloved hand.And, finaly, can be used with any other tool- heads, what makes them universal. The fact that release-lever on each leg is large, would also allow easy manipulation with a gloved hand.All three parts have lanyard-ring and each part can be attached to a cord to prevent drifting away in microgravity on board and weightless outside station. Please check availability of this piece prior ordering.
 # h122            On board MIR Crimper-Pliers 1
 # h122            On board MIR Crimper-Pliers 2
 # h122            On board MIR Crimper-Pliers 3

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