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# h099 Soyuz TM-25 ship-rocket mannual separation tum

Original tumblers removed from landed Soyuz TM-25 capsule with MIR-23 cosmonauts Tsibliyev and Lazutkin. Both 11F732 7035-0 BVK tumblers #10364112 and #10332414 after removal stored at Energia corporation.Original owner-Chief of Cosmonaut Rescue and EVA departments Alexander Poleschuk explained the purpose of these interesting subjects.They used by cosmonauts only if automatic separation of ship from rocket carrier doesn`t work and necessary to do it by manual control of cosmonauts on board Soyuz TM (the puch-button has security cover, which needs to be open first to avoid accidental push of buttn). Unusual and interesting piece of equipment from the extraordinary mission. Soyuz TM-25/MIR-23 mission was one of most dramatic expeditions in history of MIR station.The subsequent disaster-filled six months mission included on-board fires, power losses, oxygen system problems, thermal control problems, station control system failures, cabin depressurization, and the collision of the Progress-24 with the station. Finally, on August 14, a haggart MIR-23 crew Tsibliyev and Lazutkin handed over the station to the crew of Soyuz TM-26.However, the Soyuz TM-25`s crew encountered more problems on its descent when rockets failed to fire on touch-down, providing for one of the roughest landings experience by a returning MIR crew.
 # h099            Soyuz TM-25 ship-rocket mannual separation tum 1
 # h099            Soyuz TM-25 ship-rocket mannual separation tum 2
 # h099            Soyuz TM-25 ship-rocket mannual separation tum 3

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