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# zal499 Soyuz TM-34 flown parachute

Piece of flown parachute used during landing of Soyuz TM-34 capsule with cosmonauts Zaletin, Lonchakov, De Winne on board.Joint Russia-Belgium team arrived on ISS on board Soyuz TMA-1 ship flown by Sergei Zaletin and returned on board last ship of Soyuz TM family carft (Soyuz TM-34 launched to orbit by Yuri Gidzenko in April, 2002 and flown back by Sergei Zaletin November 10, 2002). Soyuz commander Sergei Zaletin autographed pieces of this flown parachute and also signed special certificates with details on this item and Soyuz TM-34 flight.Third image- Sergei Zaletin in his Russian Air Forces Colonel uniform holds parachute with certificate.Photo signed by Sergei zaletin-by request. Questions are welcome.
 # zal499            Soyuz TM-34 flown parachute 1
 # zal499            Soyuz TM-34 flown parachute 2
 # zal499            Soyuz TM-34 flown parachute 3

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