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# gp800 ISS-9 flown Chkalov flight philatelic postcar

1986 Soviet philatelic postcard issued in 50-years anniversary of non stop flight Moscow-Pacific of Valeriy Chkalov`s team was taken on board Soyuz TMA-4/ISS-9 by expedition commander Gennady Padalka as a tribute to famous Russian pilots performed record flights in 30-s.
On board space station card was cancelled with 3 station handstamps, including Main ISS handstamp, small round handstamp of ISS-9 Russia-USA Expedition and large dated ISS handstamp (21 April, 2004 docking of Soyuz TMA-4 with ISS).Card also autographed by flight commander-pilot-cosmonaut Gennady Padalka.
Item spent 188 days on orbit.

Short details on Valeriy Chkalov team flight.Decision to the Arctic testing:V.Chkalov, G.Baidukov and A.Belyakov detailed to use ANT-25 Tupolev`s aircraft painted with red wings and tailplane, with registration number NO25-1, leaving Moscow after midnight 20 July, 1936 and flying Franz-Joseph land, Severnaya Zemlya, Petropavlovsk Kamchatskii towards Nikolayevsk, but had to land on island Udd (since named Chkalov).Team covered distance 9374 km in 56 hours, 20 minutes.
Using experience same crew took off for USA performing famous non stop flight Moscow-North Pole-Portland (Washington) in 1937.
Original postcard depicts portraits of crew, Ant-25 aircraft and map of the flight.Questions are welcome.
 # gp800            ISS-9 flown Chkalov flight philatelic postcar 1

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