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# gp270 Greeting Letter

Greeting Letter from ISS-9 crew signed by Soyuz TMA-4/ISS-9 Russia-USA Expedition commander Gennady Padalka.Cancelled on board International Space Station with two onboard handstamps: Main ISS handstamp and handstamp of ISS-9 Expedition.Space Mail cover from letter also cancelled with onboard handstamps and signed by cosmonaut Gennady Padalka.Cover also cancelled with large round onboard handstamp of ISS Russian segment.This stamp dated 21 April, 2004 (day of docking Soyuz TMA-4 with International Space Station on orbit).
Only 15 Greeting letters carried on board with Expedition-9.Flight commander G.Padalka photographed letters floating in zero gravity on board station.On return one of these photographs he also signed.
These unique artifacts shared by Gennady during our meeting after landing.They carried in personal items with no trade purpose, but to be provided to Space Museums after return.Couple of these letters are already forwarded to the National Air & Space Museum for public display. Questions are welcome.
 # gp270            Greeting Letter 1
 # gp270            Greeting Letter 2
 # gp270            Greeting Letter 3
 # gp270            Greeting Letter 4
 # gp270            Greeting Letter 5

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