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# ma105 Letters flown to and from ISS

Letters sent on board to ISS-7 expedition commander Yuri Malenchenko he delivered back from orbit on board Soyuz TMA-2 and after mission kindly shared with me. This unique Space Correspondance delivered on board to Yuri by Progress M-1-10 #259 (June, 2003), Progress M-48 #248 (August, 2003) cargo ships and Soyuz TMA-3 commander Alexander Kaleri, arrived with Michael Foale to replace ISS-7 crew. Letters sent to the station on board Progress M-1-10 #259 left the Earth (cosmodrome Baikonur) on June 8, 2003 and arrived on June 11, 2003.Same day Yuri cancelled letters and envelopes/covers with handstamps, included dated June 11,2003.The following letters arrived on board of this first Progress to ISS-7: from K.Valkov, S.Revin and A.Vasin. Second cargo ship sent to the ISS-7 was Progress M-48 #248, which launched from Baikonur 29 August,2003 and docked with ISS on 31 August, 2003.Arrived letters from A.Vasin and cosmonaut Valeriy Tokarev were cancelled by Yuri same day with handstamps as well. Finaly third time correspondance from Earth arrived on board Soyuz TMA-3 and delivered to Yuri by Soyuz commander and ISS-8 flight engineer cosmonaut A.Kaleri.A letter from Dmitry Zhukov was cancelled by Yuri on 20 October,2003 and Yuri cancelled it second time in day of his departure from ISS back to Earth. These letters will be presented in section Space Flown Covers. Questions are welcome.
 # ma105            Letters flown to and from ISS 1

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