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# ma605 Cosmonaut V.Dzhanibekov artwork card

Card depicts artwork of famous Soviet cosmonaut-space artist Vladimir Dzhanibekov.Card flown on Soyuz TMA-2/ISS with flight commander Malenchenko.Cancelled with ISS handstamps on boath sides and signed on both sides by Malenchenko as well. Depicted artwork TRIBUTE TO YURI GAGARIN is the artist`s tribute to the first cosmonaut, who has paved the road to space. Vladimir Dzhanibekov was born in 1942.Twice Hero of Soviet Union, USSR Pilot-Cosmonaut.He participated in five space missions as flight commander.Twice he was a captain of international space crew.His Soyuz T-13/Salyut-7 space station rescue mission became most dangerous and most difficult space mission in history. Dzhanibekov took up painting in his childhood.Art albums, postal stamps and postcards have been published on the basis of his works.He also was an autor of illustrations to a number of books.member of the USSR (now Russian) Union of Artists. Card published in 1989.Taken in space only one. Please check availability prior ordering.
 # ma605            Cosmonaut V.Dzhanibekov artwork card 1
 # ma605            Cosmonaut V.Dzhanibekov artwork card 2

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