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# ma363a Soyuz-21/Salyut-5/Soyuz TMA-2/ISS flown cove

Covers flown in space in two missions.First time these USSR Cosmonaut Mail covers flown in 1976 with Soyuz-21 cosmonauts Zholobov and Volynov on Salyut-5 station (over 50 days flown).Cancelled with round onboard stamp SPACE MAIL.BOARD SALYUT-5.JULY 1976.Signed by crew and also below signature notared by Vitaliy Zholobov 20.07.76.Mission was devoted to space manufacturing and military reconnaissance (Cold War time period). .In 2003 these covers flown second time in space. These covers taken on board of Soyuz TMA-2 by ISS-7 Russia-USA expedition commander cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and flown 184 days on station.Covers signed also by Malenchenko and cancelled on orbit with 3 onboard handstamps:small round stamp of ISS-7 expedition), main stamp of Russian section of the ISS and large round ISS stamp dated 28 April, 2003 (first day aboard station after docking Soyuz TMA-2-ISS) To and from station cover flown with crew aboard Russian Soyuz TMA-2 ship.Questions are welcome.
 # ma363a            Soyuz-21/Salyut-5/Soyuz TMA-2/ISS flown cove 1
 # ma363a            Soyuz-21/Salyut-5/Soyuz TMA-2/ISS flown cove 2

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