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# ma370b Antonov-225/Buran flown card

18 x 10.5 cm card of world`s biggest widebody high-capacity heavy lift transport aircraft Antonov-225 with Soviet Space Shuttle Buran in its maiden flight was taken to fly in space on board Soyuz TMA-2 spaceship to the International Space Station by mission commander-cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko. Along with other personal items of Yuri this card flown over 184 days and 2,911 orbits of the Earth from April 25, 2003 till October 27, 2003. On board of station flight commander Yuri Malenchenko cancelled card with small round ISS-7 Russia-USA expedition handstamp on front side.Same handstamp on reverse in addition to main stamp of Russian section of the ISS and onboard ISS dated stamp (28 April, 2003- day of docking Soyuz TMA-2 with ISS and first day aboard station).Both sides of card also autographed by Yuri Malenchenko. Only one card like this flown.
 # ma370b            Antonov-225/Buran flown card 1
 # ma370b            Antonov-225/Buran flown card 2

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