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# ma251 Sputnik-1 card flown on Soyuz TMA-2/ISS

1966 Soviet post card issued for National Soviet Holiday of October Socialist Revolution 1917 depicts famous monument of a man holding First satellite Sputnik-1-an interesting example of Soviet propaganda style.This card several years ago shared with me cosmonaut Anatoliy Berezovoy.He signed card as well. In April 2003 this card was taken on board of Soyuz TMA-2 flown by Yuri Malenchenko and card flown with other personal items over 184 days till October 27, 2003. On board Yuri cancelled card on front side with ISS-7 expedition handstamp and signed.On reverse side he signed as well and cancelled card with three onboard handstamps, including small round ISS-7 team stamp, large round dated 28 April, 2003 (day of docking Soyuz TMA-2 with ISS) and main stamp of Russian section of the ISS.Even without beeing flown in space this card by itself is very rare subject.And the fact that it fly 6 month and 2,911 orbits of the Earth in International Russia-USA flight makes this item unique collectible piece.
 # ma251            Sputnik-1 card flown on Soyuz TMA-2/ISS 1
 # ma251            Sputnik-1 card flown on Soyuz TMA-2/ISS 2

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