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# ma250 Cosmonaut Malenchenko personal flown patch

Personal patch of cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko flown on board ISS and Soyuz TMA-2.Patch displayed in combination with large 18 x 12 inches (and small 7 x 5 inches) photos signed by Yuri in gold ink marker.Patch can be noticed on board of station on this photo next to page with Greeting held by Yuri.Last two images depict Yuri with this patch in my house. Patch was designed by myself after Yuri`s request, right after he was assigned as a commander of Soyuz TMA-2/ISS-7 Russia-USA expedition. Beeing not a professional designer I still accepted this proposal as a great honor.In my opinion it was important to provide in few details maximum of information describing Yuri`s career and background. Patch shows the Globe with Map of Russia and National flag of Russian Federation, MIG-23 fighter aircraft flown by Yuri most of his pilot career in Russian Air Forces. And flight of the MIG turns into flight of Soyuz craft on orbit.On the top part of patch reads in Russian and English SOYUZ TM-MIR, SOYUZ TMA-ISS.And in the lower part of patch reads in Russian: PILOT-COSMONAUT OF RUSSIA, YURI MALENCHENKO. The purpose of two languages used is that Yuri already flown to MIR as commander of Soyuz TM-19 and also flown as a member of first USA-Russia team to the ISS, before ISS-1 expedition started.His third flight was also International Russia-USA flight. Photograph was transmitted by Yuri to myself by e-mail in August, 2003 in the period when First Marriage on Orbit took place.Picture depicts Yuri with Greeting page in hands.He typed BEST WISHES FROM SOYUZ TMA/ISS-7 RUSSIA-USA TEAM COMANDER YURI MALENCHENKO! and Signed. And it is addressed to all supporters and enthusiasts of manned space flight. After return from orbit Yuri signed photo made from original jpg file he sent earlier from ISS.And I think this picture is great subject to be displayed in combination with Yuri`s personal patch, business card, or any other patches flown on board. Only few uncancelled and cancelled with stamps patches was possible to carry on board and to return to Earth. Questions on availability are welcome.
 # ma250            Cosmonaut Malenchenko personal flown patch 1
 # ma250            Cosmonaut Malenchenko personal flown patch 2
 # ma250            Cosmonaut Malenchenko personal flown patch 3
 # ma250            Cosmonaut Malenchenko personal flown patch 4
 # ma250            Cosmonaut Malenchenko personal flown patch 5

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