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# ma203 Soyuz TMA-3/ISS-7/ISS-8/Soyuz TMA-2 Russia-Sp

Special issue of Energia Corporation cover for CERVANTES mission Russia-Spain-USA flight Soyuz TMA-3/ISS/Soyuz TMA-2 flown to the ISS on board Soyuz TMA-3 with Russia-USA Expedition-8 cosmonauts Alexander Kaleri, Michael Foale and Spanish cosmonaut Pedro Duque. Cover spent a week on board station and returned on Soyuz TMA-2 with Expedition-7 cosmonauts Yuri Malenchenko and Ed Lu, who carried back with them Spanish cosmonaut Duque. On board of station cover was cancelled with 3 handstamps (ISS Russian section stamp and two dated stamps 20 October and 28 October, 2003) and signed by all five:Alexander Kaleri, Michael Foale, Yuri Malenchenko, Ed Lu and Pedro Duque. Cover depicts official emblem of Cervantes mission and reads Space Mail, Russia-USA-Spain, Space expedition to the ISS, Board ISS. Russian stamp comemorating 40 years of Valentina Tereshkova flight cancelled with onboard stamp as well. Questions are welcome.
 # ma203            Soyuz TMA-3/ISS-7/ISS-8/Soyuz TMA-2 Russia-Sp 1
 # ma203            Soyuz TMA-3/ISS-7/ISS-8/Soyuz TMA-2 Russia-Sp 2

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