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# ma430 ASTP stamps flown on ISS

1975 Apollo-Soyuz Soviet Union 12 kopecks postal stamps depicting artworks of American artist Robert McCall flown on board ISS. Stamps from McCall art were issued same time 1975 in the United States (10 cents stamps) and Soviet Union-Russian language version of same stamp to commemorate first International space flight USA-USSR Apollo-Soyuz. It was symbolic to carry these stamps on board of Soyuz TMA-2, which flown to the ISS with Russia-USA team cosmonauts Yuri Malenchenko and Ed Lu.Only one cosmonaut and only one astronaut worked together 184 days on board station above the Earth. Flight commander Yuri Malenchenko cancelled each stamp with two onboard stamps-blue ink stamp of Russian section of the ISS and large pink ink round dated stamp (28 April, 2003- day of docking Soyuz TMA-2 with station). Yuri also autographed each stamp and signed certificates for each. Questions are welcome.
 # ma430            ASTP stamps flown on ISS 1
 # ma430            ASTP stamps flown on ISS 2
 # ma430            ASTP stamps flown on ISS 3
 # ma430            ASTP stamps flown on ISS 4

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