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# ma230 STS-106 crew signed print flown on ISS

STS-106 first Shuttle mission to the ISS crew signed 8 x 10 NASA litho taken by commander of ISS-7 Expedition Yuri Malenchenko on board Soyuz TMA-2 to the ISS.Print was already autographed by entire STS-106 crew Wilcutt, Lu, Altman, Burbank, Mastracchio, Malenchenko and Morukov.On board of station Yuri Malenchenko cancelled print with two stamps in the day of docking Soyuz TMA-2 with station. Even without beeing flown this subject by itself is a unique piece as signed by entire crew of 7 American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts. Interesting that on suit of cosmonaut Morukov attached American flag, instead of Russian, as Yuri Malenchenko has. This unique item spent 6 months with first Russian-American crew of 2 flown to the ISS and from station on Russian Soyuz TMA craft.Both Malenchenko and Lu already flown together and worked together in outer cosmos during STS-106/ISS mission. Question on this item are welcome.
 # ma230            STS-106 crew signed print flown on ISS 1
 # ma230            STS-106 crew signed print flown on ISS 2

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