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# ff152 ISS-3 flown Russian Federation flag

7 x 4.5 American flag flag carried on board of STS-105 to the ISS and back from station on board of STS-108 by Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov.Mission started August 10 and ended december 17, 2001. On August 12, when shuttle docked with station Vladimir Dezhurov cancelled flag with three onboard hand stamps:Russian section of ISS stamp, small round stamp of ISS-3 expedition and large round stamp with date.Even date of docking was August 12, Vladimir Dezhurov wanted to commemorate day of Shuttle launch and set a date August 10 on large stamp, prior cancelling flags.Of course it makes them more interesting as collectible items.Flag also signed by Dezhurov and shared during our meeting september 2003.
 # ff152            ISS-3 flown Russian Federation flag 1
 # ff152            ISS-3 flown Russian Federation flag 2

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