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# fb300 Russia-USA ISS-7 expedition flown banknotes

During Russia-USA joint flight Soyuz TMA-2/ISS-7 comander of expedition Yuri Malenchenko carried with personal items couple of each banknotes, including Soviet Union Rouble bills, old Russian pre-Soviet banknotes, Five Euros, One Scotland pounds,Five English pounds and Two dollars of The United States banknotes. Note interesting moment with 1961 Soviet banknotes.This year was provided money reform in Soviet Union and new design banknotes were issued.Symbolic that same year first man in space Yuri Gagarin flown Vostok-1 on orbit.One of presented Soviet period banknotes 5 Roubles bill was issued in second money reform in Soviet Union-1991 a year when USSR colapsed. Selected to be taken on board banknotes were in good shape.Each cancelled on board of station with ISS handstamp and also signed by Yuri. In addition certificates for each flown bill were signed by Yuri as well.Certificates can be ordered separately by request. All banknotes flown in this mission are listed below and also in section ISS-7 FLOWN. Questions are welcome.
 # fb300            Russia-USA ISS-7 expedition flown banknotes 1
 # fb300            Russia-USA ISS-7 expedition flown banknotes 2

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