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# fs301 30 years of Vostok flight flown Gagarin-Korol

30 years anniversary of first manned space flight of Yuri Gagarin 1981 Soviet stamp sheet depicts first man in space Yuri Gagarin, first manned space ship and rocker carrier Vostok and its creator Chief Designer Sergei Korolev, placed on board of unmanned Resurs-500 spacecraft launched from Russian Cosmodrome Plestesk and landed near Seattle (USA). Project with stamps and covers was organised by Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow and 15 november, 1992 in day of launch from Plesetsk stamps and covers were cancelled with two special handstamps.Large purple ink round stamp `Europe-America-500 Space Flight, november 1992, Plesetsk-Seattle` and black ink stamp of Space port Plesetsk with date 16 november, 1992 (because flight was unmanned date on stamp mannually was made a day ahead, when stamps and covers already were on orbit).Resurs-500 was launched 15 november, 9:50 pm.Details of mission are below: Carries objects and messages. After a 6 day flight the capsule decayed in the Pacific. It was then moved to Seattle for thanksgiving Day. This mission is called Europe-America Space Flight 500. It celebrates the international space year, the 500th anniversary of the new world`s discovery and must start a cooperation between US and Russia. Resurce-500 (resurce F-1 type ship) was also called Zvezda Kolumba (Columbus Star). After return of stamps and covers to the museum, they were cancelled with Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics stamp.And few, from limited total number flown were shared with me by Deputy-Director of museum Mikhail Lisun (former Soyuz-24 back up cosmonaut). Along with stamps on board Resurs-500 were placed certificates.And each flown certificate was also cancelled with large stamp of flight. Certificates issued by the board of concortium `Europe-America 500` (signed by Chairman of the board Gennadiy P.Alferehko) and Commanding of the Space Units of the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation (signed by General-colonel Vladimir I.Ivanov) Text of certificate is in Russian and English and reads the following: Certificate provided to cover that it was on board of the historic first flight of the spacecraft Resurs-500, from the European continent to North America that took place november 1992 in honor of the 500th anniversary of Columbus opening of America, the 35th anniversary of the origin of space era, the 35th anniversary of the European community and the International Year of Space .
 # fs301            30 years of Vostok flight flown Gagarin-Korol 1
 # fs301            30 years of Vostok flight flown Gagarin-Korol 2
 # fs301            30 years of Vostok flight flown Gagarin-Korol 3

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