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# pf100 Soyuz T-4/Salyut-6 station flown 74 days pin

Flown on board Soyuz T-4/Salyut-6 space station Komsomol (National Juniors Communist Organization) member pin with certificate cancelled on board with pentagonal `Board Salyut-6 space station` handstamp and signed by both cosmonauts of mission:Commander of flight B.Kovalyonok and Board engineer of flight V.Savinykh. Certificates with pins carried by cosmonauts during 74 days `bonus` mission aboard Salyut-6, wich had already exceeded its design lifetime in 1981.And in day of landing 26 may, 1981 pin with certificate awarded to Toktar Aubakirov (test pilot and later MIR cosmonaut). On certificate indicated the following: National Lenin`s Communist Union of Youth. Identification #4. Comrade Aubakirov Toktar Orgarbayevich awarded by Komsomol pin, flown on board of orbital science-research complex `Salyut-6-Soyuz T-4` in honor of 60 years anniversary of Komsomol of Kazakhstan. Commander of ship, USSR Pilot-Cosmonaut, Twice Hero of Soviet Union V.Kovalyonok (signed). Board engineer, USSR Pilot-Cosmonaut, Hero of Soviet Union V.Savinykh. 26 May, 1981. Cosmodrome Baikonur`.
 # pf100            Soyuz T-4/Salyut-6 station flown 74 days pin 1

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