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# sm197 Moon rocket N-1

15` high metal detailed copy of Soviet Moon Maned rocket N-1/L-3. First test flight febr.19/1969 same as following launches was unsuccessful.Rocket had 3 stages, 42 main engines (NK-33, NK-43 and NK-39).Kerosene fuel.Total 4 test launches performed between 1969 and 1972.First one 21 february 1969- first stage of N-1 terminated after 70 seconds; launch vehicle destroyed; L-1S and mock up of lunar lander carried instead of L-3. On july 3 same year second N-1 first stage terminated within seconds of lift-off; launch vehicle and launch pad destroyed;L-1S and mock up of lunar lander carried instead of L-3. Two next launches on june 27/1971 and november 23/1972 were terminated after 51 and 107 seconds. Launched same period in N-1/L-3 program Proton and Soyuz with test systems and Kosmos craft were successful. Contact for price
 # sm197            Moon rocket N-1 1
 # sm197            Moon rocket N-1 2
 # sm197            Moon rocket N-1 3
 # sm197            Moon rocket N-1 4
 # sm197            Moon rocket N-1 5

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