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# sm007b Salyut-1 First space station

23 inches large metal hand made at Energia Space Corporation model of docked Soyuz and Salyut-1 space station.This is one of few custom made still in Soviet period (late 80-s) exclusive model of First space station.Available only one.Please contact for price and availability. The first civilian space station, Salyut 1, was launched in April 1971. Salyut 1 was composed of three working compartments, a service/engine module at the aft end of the vehicle, and a airlock/transfer module and docking unit at the forward end of the station. The three main compartments of Salyut 1 were composed of a small diameter cylindrical section, a larger diameter cylindrical section, and an airlock/transfer module and docking adapter. The two cylindrical working compartments housed the dining area, recreation area, seven control stations, food and water storage, toilet exercise equipment, and scientific equipment. The first mission to Salyut 1, Soyuz 10, was launched four days after the Station but was later aborted because the crew could not enter the station even though the Soyuz completed a hard docking. The second mission, Soyuz 11, was successful in that the crew completed a 24 day mission that included scientific research in the areas of astronomy, biology, and Earth observation, but it ended tragically. During re-entry, a failure in the firing of the pyrotechnic devices that separate the Soyuz orbital module from the return module caused a pressure equalization valve to remain open and thus allowed the atmosphere in the return module to leak out. The spacecraft landed successfully, but when the recovery teams opened the hatch of the Soyuz, they found all three cosmonauts dead. As a result of this accident, all subsequent Soyuz crews have worn pressure suits during launch and re-entry.
 # sm007b            Salyut-1 First space station 1
 # sm007b            Salyut-1 First space station 2
 # sm007b            Salyut-1 First space station 3
 # sm007b            Salyut-1 First space station 4
 # sm007b            Salyut-1 First space station 5

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