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# sm404 MAKS Space Orbiter

8 inches lenght Molniya Space Corporation display model of MAKS orbiter.This custom hand made model can be displayed on own wheels (as originally intended) and also on clear plexiglass stand. Please check availability prior ordering. Details on MAKS project:The MAKS spaceplane was the ultimate development of the OK-M studies NPO Molniya conducted with NPO Energia. The draft project for MAKS was completed in 1988 and consisted of 220 volumes, generated by NPO Molniya and 70 sub-contractors and government institutes. Development of MAKS was authorised but cancelled after Perestroika. At the time of the cancellation, mock-ups of both the MAKS orbiter and the external tank had been finished. A 9,000 kgf experimental engine with 19 injectors was tested. There were 50 test burns proving the separate modes and a smooth switch between them. Since it was expected that MAKS could reduce the cost of transport to earth orbit by a factor of ten, it was hoped in the 1990??™s that development funding could be found. However this has not happened to date. MAKS was to have flown by 1998 and still remains a new development project.
 # sm404            MAKS Space Orbiter 1
 # sm404            MAKS Space Orbiter 2
 # sm404            MAKS Space Orbiter 3
 # sm404            MAKS Space Orbiter 4

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