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# sm119a Sputnik-1 model, as on board of ISS

An unusual 3` duralluminium ashtray base above wich, attached by a soaring `CCCP` banner, is a polished alluminum spherical Sputnik model with its trailing 3` arms.The ashtray is engraved `4.X.1957`- date of launch of First artificular satellite Sputnik. These models presented to veterans of Sputnik launch team during 30,35 and 40 years anniversary of Sputnik launch. During presentation ceremonies 4 october, 1957 veterans received Greeting from Cosmonautics Federation.On greeting card issued from Federation ypu will notice autograph of Vice-Chairman of Federation cosmonaut-51 Anatoliy Berezovoy. Also on the photo, signed by Berezovoy can be noticed behind him such Sputnik model too next to other presentation models of Federation. Same famous model is flying now on board of International Space Station and will always remain on board ISS as a gift I sent to present and future Russia-USA crew.Arrived on Progress to the ISS Sputnik-1 is an important symbolic subject, commemorates certainly one of the most dramatic milestones.Sputnik is a first man made object to be placed in orbit around the Earth, was launched on October 4, 1957 and for 22 days transmitted internal and external temperature information and provided important orbital data concerning atmosphere and electronic densities at high altitudes. After 22 days the actual satellite, of course, burned up on reentry into the Earth`s atmosphere (january 4, 1958). But the model, which on orbit now, will fly as long as ISS exist.Commander of Russia-USA ISS-7 expedition Yuri Malenchenko attached to the ends of sharp antennas red plastic protective pieces.And you can see a model next to cosmonaut on board. Same model now also in the National Air & Space Museum as an important commemorative subject. Questions on availability please send by e-mail or call.
 # sm119a            Sputnik-1 model, as on board of ISS 1
 # sm119a            Sputnik-1 model, as on board of ISS 2
 # sm119a            Sputnik-1 model, as on board of ISS 3
 # sm119a            Sputnik-1 model, as on board of ISS 4
 # sm119a            Sputnik-1 model, as on board of ISS 5

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