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# sm191 UR-700M Super heavy Mars rocket of Chelomei

18 inches height plastic-metal old model of famous Chelomei`s Mars manned rocket carrier project UR-700M. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.Details on UR-700M project described below: By the middle of 1969, NASA was pressing for funding for a manned expedition to Mars. On 30 June 1969 he Soviet Ministry of Defence authorised preparation of Soviet draft projects for a manned Mars expedition. Code named Aelita, the TTZ specification called for a launch vehicle with a low earth orbit payload of 200 to 250 tonnes to be available by 1976. Chelomei??™s response used a modular approach to the launch vehicle design in order to achieve payloads of 300 to 800 tonnes. This would allow an expedition to Mars using a single docking in low earth orbit.The proposed UR-700M launch vehicle had a gross lift-off mass of 16,000 tonnes and could deliver 750 tonnes to a 250 km, 51.6 degree orbit. It consisted of three stages: Stage 1 and 2 used Lox/Kerosene propellants, and stage 3 Lox/LH2. As in the UR-700, all the engines of Stage 1 and Stage 2 operated at lift-off, but the engines of the second stage were fed from propellant tanks in the first stage. The vehicle consisted of five 9 m diameter first stage blocks with a dry mass of 750 tonnes, three second stage blocks (two of 9 m diameter flanking a 12.5 m diameter core block) with a dry mass of 500 tonnes, and a 12.5 m diameter, 200 tonne empty mass third stage. Each of the outer blocks had 4 x 600 tf engines by KBEM (two 300 tf chambers per engine), while the 12.5 m diameter core block had a total of 6 x 600 tf engines. The third stage had 6 x NK-35 engines of 200 tf each. The UR-700M/LK-700 advanced project was reviewed by the expert commission in 1972. The commission concluded the Mars project - and the UR-700M booster - were beyond the technical and economical capabilities of the Soviet Union and should be shelved indefinitely.
 # sm191            UR-700M Super heavy Mars rocket of Chelomei 1
 # sm191            UR-700M Super heavy Mars rocket of Chelomei 2
 # sm191            UR-700M Super heavy Mars rocket of Chelomei 3
 # sm191            UR-700M Super heavy Mars rocket of Chelomei 4

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