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# sm481 Uragan military spaceplane

20 x 18 cm hand made model of military space plane Uragan on wooden base with metal connector to model. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.Info on Uragan is below: Russian sources continue to maintain that the Uragan manned spaceplane project never existed. However Western intelligence was very convinced in the climactic phase of the Cold War. The tale told at that time was that completion of test of the 4,220 kg MiG 105-11 manned subsonic test bed did not mark the end of the Spiral spaceplane project but rather a rebirth. It was reported that development of a larger manned `space interceptor` was authorised in September 1978. This spaceplane, supposedly called `Uragan`, was to be launched atop the new Zenit launch vehicle.
 # sm481            Uragan military spaceplane 1
 # sm481            Uragan military spaceplane 2
 # sm481            Uragan military spaceplane 3

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