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# sm270 Ukrainian First Sputnik Sich-1

First Ukrainian Satellite Sich-1 Hand-made model of the first Ukrainian Satellite launched from Baikonur in 1996 and carried into orbit by a Cyclon Rocket. The satellite tasks are mainly weather and environmental monitoring.Sich is a national Ukrainian system of Earth observation which is being developed in accordance with National Space Program.The Sich system is intended for receiving routine data on the Earth in optical, infrared and microwave spectral ranges and acquisition and transmission of data from the onground platforms.The Sich satellite (original) has the following charactersistics : weight-1950 kg, orbital altitude-650 km, inclination of orbit-82.5 deg.Deatils on model- The base plate pictures a globe with the Ukrainian State Seal and `First Ukrainian Sputnik` in Russian. Material-resin and metal.Producer of model-Uzhmash factory-original producer of Sich satelite and Cyclon rocket carried Sich to orbit.Height of model-33 cm (13 inches). Limited number of these hand made exclusives was presented to officials of Uzmash and National Ukrainian Space Agency along with First Day Covers `Launch of Ukrainian Rocket-Carrier Cyclon.On cover Sich-1 stamp cancelled with special handstamp `First Ukrainian Satellite of Earth SICH-1`, dated August 31, 1986 (day of launch). Model includes the cover. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
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