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# sm480 Mig-105-11 Spaceplane test vehicle

11` lenght hand made model of OKB-155 of A.Mikoyan MIG 105-11 reusable aero-space vehicle to investigate the low speed handling within the atmosphere of an orbital shape. Under `oldest inhabitant` G.Lozino-Lozinskiy a shape was worked out called BOR.The BOR test vehicles had been fired by rocket and recovered by parachute, but a manned vehicle had to land in the conventional way.And such manned vehicles built by Mikoyan Design Bureau. First one Mig-105-11 (as model) flown by pilot Aviard Fastovets.He began high-speed taxi tests at Zhukovskiy in september 1976.On Octoner 11th he took off and climbed straight ahead to 560 m.He landed as planed at an airfield about 19 km (12 miles) ahead.On 27th November 1977 he entered 105-11 slung under the Mikoyan OKB`s TU-95K and landed on an unpraved strip after release at 5000 m.The 105-11 made seven further flights, the last in September 1978.It was then retired to the Monino Museum. The 105-11 was almost the size of a Mig-21, and was likewise a single-jet tailess delta. The brief flights of the 105-11 confirmed the design of a manned aerospace vehicle, leading to the Buran. Availability and price on this model please check by e-mail or call.
 # sm480            Mig-105-11 Spaceplane test vehicle 1
 # sm480            Mig-105-11 Spaceplane test vehicle 2
 # sm480            Mig-105-11 Spaceplane test vehicle 3
 # sm480            Mig-105-11 Spaceplane test vehicle 4

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