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# sm140 Soyuz-4/Soyuz-5

Outstanding quality super detailed metal model of Soyuz Association. World`s first manned experimental space station Soyuz-4/5 after first docking and crew exchange via spacewalks in 1969.Size of model-24 inches.From history of flight: On January 16, 1969 Soyuz-4 manned by cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov and Soyuz-5 carrying Boris Volynov, Alexei yeliseyev and Yevgenniy Khrunov accomplished docking.Later Yeliseyev and Khrunov exited the Soyuz-5 orbital module to board Soyuz-4 via spacewalk- having orbited in one ship, they returned in another. Practically this flight also openned era of space stations. Available only one model.Price check by e-mail or call.
 # sm140            Soyuz-4/Soyuz-5 1
 # sm140            Soyuz-4/Soyuz-5 2
 # sm140            Soyuz-4/Soyuz-5 3
 # sm140            Soyuz-4/Soyuz-5 4

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