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# md135 Soyuz-32/Soyuz-35/Salyut-6 world record flights

65 mm diameter bronze artwork presentation medal issued by USSR Cosmonautics Federation to be presented to cosmonauts Lyakhov, Popov, Ryumin and all participants of missions Soyuz -32-35 preparation. Front side of the medal depicts relief portraits and names of cosmonauts below:V.Lyakhov, L.Popov, V.Ryumin. Reverse side of medal depicts Soyuz launch rocket over the globe with USSR showed on the world map and docked Soyuz/Salyut-6 space station.Reads the following:`Long duration space flights of Soviet cosmonauts V.Lyakhov, L.Popov- 6 months and V.Ryumin-1 year on the board of orbital complex `Salyut-Soyuz-Progress` 1970-1980 with International teams`. Short history of these flights- Vladimir Lyakhov and Valeriy Ryumin, the third Salyut-6 station resident crew, set endurance record of 6 months in space during their flight Soyuz-32/Salyut-6 in 1979.Next year 1980 Valeriy Ryumin and Leonid Popov fly to Salyut-6 on Soyuz-35 as expedition-4 to station.They were resupplied by 4 Progress tankers and visited by 4 different teams of Intercosmos cosmonauts during their 6 months in space. To commemorate these longest at that time flights USSR Cosmonautics Federation issued limited edition presentation medals.I was able to get one of each directly from each of these three famous cosmonauts.
 # md135            Soyuz-32/Soyuz-35/Salyut-6 world record flights 1

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