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# md132 Soyuz/Salyut medal of Mission Control Center

60 mm diameter custom minted from metal of spacecraft medal issued by Soviet Spaceflight Control Center in Kaliningrad (now Korolev city outside Moscow). These medals minted by order of Center to be presented to ballistics for participation in mission control of International flights Soyuz-Salyut-6 in `Intercosmos` program.On front side of medal depicted building of the center, Soviet flag and official logo og center.On reverse side docked Salyut-6/Soyuz and on the back display of Control center and the globe. Original medals received from a chief of display division of Mission Control center Vladimir Samsonov. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # md132            Soyuz/Salyut medal of Mission Control Center 1

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